Just Need You || Lucian

Jersey was on his way by now walking to Lucians was so easy and no one noticed him in the student dorm either too busy with other things or they didn’t care. His pants were too tight, his erection was straining to be free from its prison. He would be lying if he didn’t want Lucian right then, cause every fiber of his being wanted the boy so badly and to try out that new whip he had gotten. His cock twitched in response to the though of the whip. It was a bit sense he saw Charlie and the marks from him were gone now and he eagerly wanted Lucian to mark him again. When he got to the door he opened it up and walked it, “Lucian, I’m here. Please tell me you didn’t come already.” he said chuckling as he closed the door. Jersey stripped off his clothes and got onto the bed laying on his back as he stared up at the ceiling. “I’m naked and horny for you, darling.” he said laughing again as he waited for Lucian.

Heat stroke and stroking heat || Charlie and Jersey


It was to hot for Charlie; to hot for anything and worst of all, he had a hard on that refused to subside all afternoon. Maybe it was the sweat in the air? Perhaps it was just the sheer boredom of the day that made him feel like simply congratulating himself on making it through. School that day had been a mundane chore of listening to poor song choices and terribly pitched singing whilst faking a positive opinion that made the whole ordeal go past much quicker. An honest and probably offensive opinion on some of the lesser-capable musicians in his class and it was likely he’d have been forced to spend another couple of hours in the stuffy classroom. Something that he would much rather escapeas early as possible.

Groaning as he peeling his naked body from his bed, Charlie stretched and blissfully cracked his back before forcing both his neck and knuckles to snap in unison. “Fuuuck.” He moaned. Reeking of stale sweat and a can’t-be-bothered attitude, he then pulled up a pair of cropped sweat pants that far from hid the wanting erection he’d held onto for what felt like hours.  Grabbing the present he remembered buying Jersey all that time ago, a plug that Charlie would more than certainly ensure Jersey wore.

He stomped quickly to Jersey’s room, pushing aside several students on the way that gawked at the large and rather obvious bulge beneath the low-hanging shorts.  His ass peered out above the back as proud Adonis lines directed the eye lower at the front. Charlie slammed a fist into Jersey’s door before opening it and smirking, eager to blow hit load. “Ready for this, Jer’?” He asked, dropping his shorts and becoming nude once more as he approached the older man he had no shame in dominating.

Jersey had to admit to himself that he missed Charlie, no one had been able to dominate him as good as he could which posed a problem on many levels. Lately he has been topping, which he has no problem with, but he needed to be taken down a knotcb or two. His attitude was getting sour and things were just out of control. He needed Charlieto bring him back down to earth, needed him to hurt him in levels most people didn’t understand. With a sigh and heavy heave he got himself up from his bed, he was lucky to have the air conditioner in his room running because he could feel the heat radiated from the windows. He stretched his arms above his head hearing and feeling the joints pop. When he heard the door open he watched as Charlie lost his pants the article of clothing falling to the boys ankles. Jersey already didn’t have his shrt on so he got rid of the shorts he was wearing along with the boxers underneath it. “Yes, I’m ready. More tan ready.” he said looking over his cock and then at the plug. He shuddered waiting for him to tell him what to do though he imagined that he’d make him bend over something, possibly the bed.

Elegance and Power: Public Performance || Vincenzo and Jersey


The night was hot and so was the italian. He never felt as hot as he was before. Every fiber in his being screamed in need to have sex, his full hard erection almost bursting from his grey pants. He hadn’t fell this hornier since college. But there were others in the same situation he was in, so…

Jersey was feeling extra kinky these days and the hot Italian was just begging for a fuck so Jersey put the two together. He was well on his way to the auditorium thinking of being fucked on that stage made his already hard member jolt in excitement. He entered through the back and made his way through the backstage area until he reached the stage staying back as he watched Vinny take his clothes off waiting for him to be fully naked. Deciding to do the same thing he stripped off his shirt, pants and underwear leaving himself fully naked and exposed. “What a beautiful show.” he said clapping his hands as he made his way towards the other. “I feel an encore coming on.” he said standing right in front of his now letting his hands did their way to Vinny’s bare chest dragging his fingers over his muscles. “I’m aching for you so badly.” he said practically moaning it out.

Erik Claudin: An Office Rendezvous || Jersey and Erik


Erik had never had quite as much as he’d had since he’d arrived at MH. And he would never complain about it. He was almost always blissed out from sex, and that was just how he liked it. One of the teachers had mentioned he was horny, and Erik certainly jumped to and offered his assistance. He…

Jersey was finished for the day he couldn’t work another minute. Not with this boner he had going on, thinking about things that weren’t very appropriate. He was glad Erik was coming over give him some release. Jersey would have felt weird about fucking a student but now he welcomed it, whatever it will take to get pleasure and release. When he heard the door he looked up from his desk getting to his feet when he saw Erik lean against the door. Smirking, he walked over to him stopping just in front of him. “Just in time, I’m in need of some services.” he said getting hold of Erik’s hand and bringing to his erection. “Think you could help?” he asked knowing the answer already.

Classroom Confidential || Lucian

Jersey just finished writing up a synopsis for his up coming class which he was thankful that he got it all down. Knowing Lucian was on his way he cleared his desk of important documents setting these documents aside he walked over to his door unlocking it so that Lucian could just come on in. He was thankful the younger man wanted him just as badly as he was in wanting the other. Work was draining him and he needed some way to relax before dealing with his other class. Quickly removing his jacket he hung it up before making his way to his desk where he sat down behind it and waited for his boyfriend to show up. He smiled at the fact that they were now together in that fashion which made him feel all the more better finally finding that one.

Cuddle Up || Lucian

Jersey really was pressing his luck by going to Lucian instead of the other way around. He was lucky there weren’t any people around so he was able to easily move through the hallway. When he was on the right floor he quickly walked to the room 407. Instead of knocking he just let himself in not wanting to risk getting caught by anyone and being asked questions. He was still sure that being with a student no matter if they were legal was still illegal. He didn’t care though, he wanted to see Lucian, needed to. He had a long stressful day dealing with things he really didn’t care about. Spotting Lucian on his bed he came over to him getting in the bed before wrapping his arms around the other. “I missed you.” he whispered before kissing his cheek. “Sorry to have kept you waiting.” he said resting his chin onto his shoulder.

Call My Name || Jersey & Lucian


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Jersey & Grant ll Not on the menu


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Lucian Thomspon: Good Morning || Lucian & Jersey


Lucian closed the door of his room the second he got the message from his drama teacher, Jersey, giving him an okay to go to his room. The boy was a bit anxious and nervous but… He did found Jersey extremelly attractive. And according to what he had came to hear, it wasn’t rare for a student to go…

Jersey still felt bad about Will his leaving without much of a goodbye. It hurt him but he was ready to move on in hopes of finding the one that made him feel more than just a human being. He had invited Lucian over (even though he was a student) to come join him in his bed. It wasn’t very professional but he didn’t care the man was hot and eager so he took up on that. He had gotten up to use the bathroom before his guest arrived fixing his hair so it didn’t look terrible. It was a little crazy today but nothing too bad so he wasn’t so worried about it and besides it was going to get messy anyway if he has his way. When he heard the door open and Lucian call out his name he grinned, “I’m over here.” he said as he got himself comfortable on the bed. He watched as Lucian walked over to him looking him over while patting the space next to him. “Come.” he said grinning again.

Second Visit || Saxton

Jersey felt like such an arse for falling asleep after he got home from his day date with William. He knew that he had a date with Saxton but it must have slipped his mind when he laid down. Quickly leaving his room he jogged down the hallway towards Saxton place. When he got there he knocked on the door frantically already apologizing and he hadn’t opened the door yet. He felt so badly for doing this to a man that was so nice to him. He hoped he could make it up to him tonight.